At philosophy beauty we are more than a team we are a family, we all grew up with a passion for the beauty industry, we are a team that is passionate, has com‐passion and a hunger to continue to always develop and grow, and it is this strenght our salon is built on.

"Our Philosophy was to create more than just an exclusive beauty salon,
we wanted to create a space where our clients really felt
they could take a time out to clear their minds and pamper themselves."


A bad hair day is just a bad day

Our hair is a reflection of our beauty, its a way for us to express and show our personality and identity. Its an important part of our appearance and it sets the tone for your entire look.

hair philosophy
eyelash philosophy

Eyelash extentions has become more and more popular by every year and the hidden beauty secret behind woman of all ages.


Life is short…
your lashes shouldn’t be


Wake up and make-up
Day Makeup, treat yourself to a beautiful day makeup that will enhance your natural beauty. Perfect when you want to leave an extra good impression or maybe going for a special lunch with the ladies!
makeup philosophy
masage philosophy

We all need a massage once in a while, as a way to relax and finally just let go of all the stress in the hands of a massage therapist, but there is many other benefits you should consider:


Massage day is my favourite day of the week


Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow

Many people are familiar with permanent tattoo and have perhaps even had a bad experience as it with time has gotten greyish, redish or even turned green, pretty much every ladies nightmare!

microblading philosophy
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It is a medical act that consists of microinjections in the superficial dermis of hyaluronic acid not cross-linked with vitamins, minerals, etc … It obtains rejuvenation and facial maintenance. 




Did you know your nails can actually provide information on your health?
Nails are just as important as taking good care of our hair and skin, and should be an essential part of your routine weather your a woman or a man.
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