About us:

Our Philosophy was to create more than just an exclusive beauty salon, we wanted to create a space where our clients really felt they could take a time out to clear their minds and pamper themselves.

A space where you could leave your stress and hectic life at the door, and really let us take care of You, because to us, You are important.

Our philosophy is making sure that when you leave our salon your leaving feeling recharged with energy, radiating confidence and feeling rejuvenated, we want to make you feel special.

Our priority was not only finding professionals who had experience in their respective fields,
but who also understood our clients unique needs, people who you could find a friend in,
as we know that its hard to trust someone with your beauty needs,
and we hope you will give us a chance to earn this trust with our work and results.

At Philosophy Beauty we are more than a team we are a family, we all grew up with a passion for the beauty industry, we are a team that is passionate, has compassion and a hunger to continue to always develop and grow, and it is this strength our salon is built on.

It was important to us, that we work with the best products and latest techniques the beauty industry had to offer.

In order to do so, we carefully chose to really analyze each and every component of the products we wanted to use and work with, as we didnt want to be a part of using or selling products both threatening to the environment but more importantly causing harm to our clients hair or skin in the long term.

Fortunate for us, there were very few companies who were able to meet our expectations which made our decisions clear to us.

If you haven’t visited us before, we hope that you visit us in a near future.
Please feel free to have a look at the many unique services and handpicked treatments we have to offer at Philosophy Beauty.

Or you can call us, we speak English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian.

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