"A way to relax and finally just let go of all the stress in the hands."


We all need a massage once in a while, as a way to relax and finally just let go of all the stress in the hands of a massage therapist, but there is many other benefits you should consider:

1. Did you know it boosts your immune system? A massage lowers your blood pressure, can help with anxiety and it helps increase serotonin, the chemical responsible for maintaining our mood balance, helping with symptoms of depression!

2. If you are working behind a desk or driving for an extended amount of time, then we know those back muscles can become an issue as they become weak. A therapeutical massage can really help relief both pressure and pain, this combined with the right exercises at the gym can help you become a stronger, happier you! Feeling pain is not something you should have to get used to, remember that!

3. Are headaches your best friend? According to the University of Granda in Spain, a single session of massage therapy has an immediate effect of pain relief on people suffering from chronic tension headaches!

4. Women who are expecting, often feel terrible back pain due to the newly added weight to their body, which is completely normal, however as we mention before, pain is not something you need to get used to, when there is things we can do relief it. We offer a massage for women who are with child, by a specially trained massage therapist. The only requirement is that you are past your first trimester.

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