"Many people are familiar with permanent tattoo and have perhaps even had a bad experience as it with time has gotten greyish, redish or even turned green, pretty much every ladies nightmare!"


Microblading has got nothing to do with this, it’s a semi permanent tattoo, meaning that it lasts up to 1 year, and if you decide that you don’t want to retouch your eyebrows after this, thats fine! As your skin will simply expel any excess pigment with time and the microblading will with time just fade away. The certified technician will use a tiny (or micro if you will) blade to cut lines into the upper dermis of your skin so the ink can penetrate. Unlike a permanent tattoo microblading doesn’t go as deep into the skin. Thus, giving you a more natural and authentic hair line!

Microblading takes 10 days to heal.
And after 4 weeks a second session must take place.

Your first two weeks will be essential in the healing process, as the area will be sensitive and in healing, its important to avoid saunas, beauty injections, facial treatments, excessive sweating, pool/sea and that you follow the instructions provided by your brow technician.

But you can continue normal life, your brows will look amazing and you will love the feeling of waking up every morning with perfect brows.

The Magic Really Does Happen At The Follow-Up Appointment.

Your first appointment is where the brow technician will lay the ground work for the shape of your brows.

And once they are fully healed (somewhere between 4 to 5 weeks) its imperative to go for a follow up appointment, as about 60% of your microblading will fade from your first appointment (this is completely normal and expected).

At the follow-up is where the magic happens and you can really see the final result. Your technician will be able to tell how your skin healed, adjust the strokes and you should speak up if there are any spots you would like to have a bit more added.

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