Michelle Rihacek. Owner. Microblading Artist.

She completed her education in Germany, and has always had an eye for makeup and beauty.

She is a perfectionist and is passionate and dedicated to giving clients brow makeovers and has so far helped hundreds of clients achieve their desired result!

Her dream to open a salon became a reality on the 1st of August 2018, she wanted to create a beauty salon that made all the ladies and gentlemen feel special, taken care of, leaving the salon confident and beautiful!

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Elena. Master Hair Stylist & Colorist.

With over 20 years experience joining us from Madrid where she built a successful career for over 15 years until she decided that it was time for a change. Their loss was Philosophy’s Gain!

She specializes in Blonde Hair and is our own magician when it comes to bringing hair back to life.

“My boss says I’m an Artist, I just laugh when she says it, but I guess my passion and experience shows”

Svetlana. Nail Technician.

She joins us from the city of culture, Saint Petersburg. With more diplomas then our wall is able to fill. She loves to keep learning and is constantly going to courses to learn the latest methods and developing her skills.

She believes that no matter years of experience, to be on Top you can never stop learning. Shes a master of podology and is able to perform hard technics such as Ortonic correction of deformed Nails.

With a calm and Zen personality, she loves to make her clients feel relaxed, pampered and give them that special treatment. We like to think of her as our own therapist!

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vera philosophy beauty

Vera. Eyelash Technician.

She is able to enhance anyone’s Look, weather you’re looking to add length, volume, thickness or fullness!

She takes great pride in customizing the lashes to each clients eyes!

And as she always says “Keep your lashes long and your standards high” and we couldn’t agree more!

Lyuba. Massage Therapist.

She is our healer, our saviour in need. With 7 years experience and a degree in Osteopathy, her knowledge of the human anatomy is overwhelming.

She takes great pride, joy and passion in her work, which of course does not go unnoticed when you are in her hands.

Her Zen personality is infectious and as she always says “Your body is your temple, you need to take care of it, nourish it, love it”.

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Claudia. Hair Specialist.

She is our newest addition to the team. With over 6 years experience in high prestige salons in London and Manchester she joins the Philosophy team with her knowledge and passion for haircare from SHA wellness hotel.

She realized early on that her passion was to gain knowledge on hair specifically, how to treat different conditions, how to bring back hair to life in the shape of very special hair treatments.

We like to think of her as the hair doctor, because miracles tend to happen when clients leave her chair.

Victoria. Makeup Artist.

Since she was a little girl she loved makeup & nothing has changed! She loves making girls feel beautiful in their own skin!

She is always smiling and we cannot help to love her positive attitude!

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Olga. Cosmetic Doctor.

With 20+ years experience giving women and men back their confidence and youthful aspects.

Taking constant courses to learn the latest techniques.
She joins us at philosophy one time a week by pre booked appointments.

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